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Becoming a member could be one of the most liberating things you do! We are a very friendly and welcoming scheme and we find that once members have joined us, they never look back.


As well as meeting and mixing with people in a similar situation, members

can look forward to receiving;









We currently have 700 members, so you can see how popular the scheme is!


If you would like to speak to us about joining the scheme or would just like some

more information, complete the contact us form and we’ll get in touch.


Get involved with South Leeds Live at Home

  • Become a Member

  • Become a Volunteer

  • Work for Us

  • Donate, Fundraise or Become a Partner

  • Promote our Work to Others


There are a number of ways you can be involved in the South Leeds Live at Home scheme.

Volunteering at South Leeds Live at Home Scheme

Become a Member

  • A regular newsletter

  • Birthday card on your special day

  • Christmas party and goodies

  • Telephone contact

  • Help, advice and assistance with any issues they have

  • Access to a wide variety of social activities and outings

Becoming a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer can be a very rewarding and, sometimes, humbling experience. We have over 60 volunteers that selflessly give up their time to help and support our members.


Our volunteers are a wide range of ages; from younger people with spare time on their hands to retired people looking for something rewarding to fill their time.


So, it does not matter how old you are to become a volunteer. If you have spare time and are looking for something worthwhile to do, then get in touch with us, as we’d love to hear from you.



Work for us

Keep up to date with any job vacancies with South Leeds Live at Home Scheme on our Latest News Section or via our Twitter and Facebook pages.



Donations, Fundraising and Partners

As a charity, we rely on funding. Funding comes from many different places, but key to our efforts are donations (no matter how small), fundraising (events, sponsoring or any other ideas welcome) or by becoming a partner by supporting/sponsoring us in a variety of things that we do for our members.


To talk more about opportunities regarding donating, fundraising or becoming a partner, complete our contact us form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss further.




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