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Live at Home Scheme


There are several ways to help and support us to enhance the

lives of our members.


Help and Support South Leeds Live at Home

  • Make a donation

  • Participate or hold your own fundraising event

  • Become a partner or sponsor of our scheme

  • Help promote us on Social Media


Help and Support South Leeds Live at Home Scheme

As a guide, this is how your donations can help;


£10 can help us buy books and magazines for our members.


£20 would buy us enough refreshments for 2 of our weekly meetings.


£50 would mean we could pay for an instructor to come and talk to

our members about exercise and nutrition.


£250 would go a long way to contributing to a day trip for some members.


£500 would mean we could fund our weekly ballroom classes for 3 months.



Alongside donations, fundraising events are another lifeblood of the charity's existence.


Whether you are planning to take part in an event (be it a 10k run or a parachute jump) or host your own (coffee morning or jumble sale), we’re always happy to hear from you!


So, if you’re interested in raising funds, get in touch today!


We already receive fantastic support from local businesses in the South Leeds area, but we’re always open to talking to other businesses and organisations about the benefits of becoming one of our partners or sponsors.


If you are a locally based business looking to help a really worthwhile local charitable scheme, then get in touch and find out how we can work together to mutual benefit.


Promoting South Leeds Live at Home Scheme on Social Media

It may sound like nothing, but the more people that find out about us and what we do, really helps increase the profile of out scheme.


So, if you’re not in a position to donate or not quite ready to leap from a plane, but you are on Twitter or Facebook, then we’d be be really grateful if you would follow, like and share us with all your friends and family!




Our local Beevers helped to raise money for our scheme by doing good deeds! :)